Was running out of ideas to get my new designs ready for the summer outfit product line I wanted with
my own private label. Luckily, I found Zega Apparel listed on Alibaba, and that is where things took an
eventful turn. I was truly amazed regarding the flexibility they showed towards lowering their minimum
order quantity for me which is hard to get these days since majority of the manufacturers only want to
do business in bulk. However, their customer representatives were exceptionally well equipped to
understand each of design’s difficulty and the color pallets required to make it. However, they made it
possible for me realize my dream with their professional attitude and resourcefulness to solve my
High quality products with feasible pricing from them sealed the deal for me and I was sold for their
services. A definite recommendation from my side. Will be looking forward to do business with them in
the future.

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  1. This review is very well written and truly self-explainable. The need for low minimum order quantity manufacturers are indeed very hard to find nowadays in a market full of bulk business oriented manufacturers. The customer also looks very well satisfied with the manufacturer’s services, which is beneficial both for the manufacturer and the customer alike.

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