Customer Review :  “I got the confirmation that the pants are very nice. Zega Apparel can go ahead with the bulk production”

This Review for Zega Apparel Manufacturing doing sampling process, is from Mr. Donte Williams who has a very interesting story behind his complete ordering process throughout the time with Zega Apparel. Initially Mr. Williams asked for pull over hooded sweatshirts, then he changed his mind, after a couple of months he wanted Zega Apparel to manufacture Jogger Pants and for this order he has given the above mentioned Review.

Mr. Williams was very unsure and afraid to place his order at first because it was his first time ordering with Zega Apparel. He wasn’t sure about the manufacturing process of Zega Apparel and quality of the jogger pant he was looking to get manufactured. He was dealt by Zega Apparel Corporate Sales Manager Mr. Murtuza Khan who guided him step by step throughout the process on how he can customize the jogger pants in to something unique and eventually will let him to write this positive review about Zega Apparel Manufacturing sampling process.

Initially he asked for a single custom sample to be shipped out from Zega Apparel for that we provided him details on our sampling process. Second he asked for details on the Zega Apparel payment methods and he was satisfied that he could complete the payment through his Credit/Debit card because not many manufacturing factories are so confident on their services as Zega Apparel Manufacturing is.

Upon order placement, he received an order summary from Zega Apparel detailing his order and was asked to share his reviews on it for approval on the sampling process as per Zega Apparel standard operating procedures. He approved the summary and Zega Apparel created the sample for him and for a small extra amount, he requested for the sample to be shipped out to him so he could physically try it on and then approve it for bulk production.

The interesting thing in his order and what made us happy, was the fact that upon receiving the sample from Zega Apparel, he immediately increased his quantity from 50 to 100 pieces.

It is not about his ordering quantity which was very small because 100 isn’t a big quantity but the fact that he was able to trust Zega Apparel so much on a single sample piece was mesmerizing. Thus Zega Apparel found a business partner that we know is going to stay with us for a very long term.

After the sample approval and his reviews on Zega Apparel Jogger Pants, things got much easier for us to move ahead with the bulk production. So, we commenced our bulk production process after he completed the remaining payment through secure payment methods from Zega Apparel

This product he got made was manufactured totally from the scratch by selecting the 100% Cotton Fleece fabric as per his requirement. Then, cutting it as per the sizing specifications approved by him through the Zega Apparel order summary, printing his signature logo on the panel cut from his fabric in the second phase, sewing it back to complete the jogger, sewing his custom label on the back hip area along with size tag and his brand information, individually packaging them in a plastic transparent polybag and then shipping it directly at his doorsteps.

Note: Customers can always add Zega Apparel up on Skype or email to ask for email screenshots directly through customer representative’s inbox so they could properly see all the communication and Zega Apparel reviews from the customers.

The direct Zega Apparel reviews would help them in selecting the product they like and also increase their experience in ordering from Zega Apparel. So, the products they want to get manufactured can be exactly how they want it to be.

Note: When asking for this order, please mention the Zega Apparel Job order summary number to the representative. In this case, it is 1730 of Zega Apparel Reviews Online so he could show you details of this particular product.



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  1. This whole story really tells how Zega Apparel takes care of their clients. Even when I was ordering my 200 pieces hoodies, I wasn’t sure about Zega Apparel but after a while when I received my products I was really satisfied to see the quality and stitching of the product.

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