We received the shirts , they are excellent quality , never expected this nice fabric for this price, I thought you guyz would be using some low grade fabric, but these shirts, I am loving them, But I only received 2 extra in medium but I still lack a large shirt from the total 100 , anyways, I am sending you details of my next order in few hours, we will be ordering 8 designs now, and we will be doing 200 of each , can you let me know the prices ? they will be similar to ones you already made.

This customer Mr Ernest Wanger,  customer searched Zega Apparel on google he wanted to get shirts manufactured in black Fabric with using a special kind of button that he sent himself, he got a rate from some other manufacturer for 18 USD per piece, we here at Zega Apparel gave him the rate of 14 USD per piece with shipment Included, you can request to see what we manufactured for him at our email address referring the production of Zega Apparel with Earnest Wanger (info@zegaapparel.com).

Zega Apparel was quick to engage him over the chat by letting him know that he is paying at least 4 usd extra per piece while getting it manufactured from china. He then started question our Zega Apparel Sales Manager Mr Sheldon Decruze, he was told that the quality of stitch we will use is the finest and 40 Guage fabric which will be extra soft and is going to be used to manufacture these shirts, he was asked that if he need a heavy fabric for which he said he would need a lighter fabric as these shirts will be for his summer collection.

Once we reviewed his Design details, Weat Zega apparel made sure that the customer is informed about each process, and so we informed him that since there will be a print connecting the sleeve and shirt is going to take some extra care and would need them to be made from the scratch and some transposition might be there. Our Zega Apparel production manager reviewed his details and asked us to inform him about the result and all the process involved and deliberately made him not to expect more. Zega Apparel production team has a history of delivering more than what the customer expect and we do that by not over stating our abilities but understating them just so that the customer don’t think that we are making false promises.

Although his Ordering quantity was lower, our Zega Apparel Fabrication Department informed us that we will try to get him a custom manufactured fabric with reactive die color, so these shirts are made to perfection. Since the customer paid us a little less, the Zega Apparel production Department could have told us to arrange it from stock fabrics but we the Zega Apparel Customer team wanted to win him for all his future orders, so we made sure he got more than what he paid for. Zega Apparel Cutting Department made sure that they are cut according to the sizes, after the Patterns were made, we reviewed the patters and made a dummy piece to check the fit , and the fit was shown to the customer. Which he approved

Zega Apparel dedicated Screen Printing department made sure that the print is made to perfection by using film sheet instead of butter paper, and thus making the supreme quality screen printing mesh stencil for his design.

Zega Apparel quality team reviewed the entire Print Production after it was completed and then it was sent for Stitching. We made sure that every single print is good, and those which are not good should be done again or compensated from the extras we make for every order.

Zega Apparel stitching unit received the print production and within 2 business days his shirts were completed. The shirts was then again reviewed by our quality team and they made sure that these Shirts are made to perfection.
Zega Apparel is in Collaboration with DHL and FEDex in Pakistan, they pick the shipmentfrom the factory after reviewing the details and counting the pieces to make sure  the order from Zega Apparel is complete as mentioned in the order details from the office. They then delivered it to customers door step, and that’s what they did with this customer, and he received his items on 23/4/2017, he placed the order on 21st/3/2017  and received his order within a month, Although we promised him these in 25 days but because of making sure that the fabric is perfect to begin with, Zega apparel Fabrication team took some time, which he was told during the process and this is how we won a customer who just placed another order that was  for 1600 Shirts in 8 Styles.

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