My name is Damien Sheppard and I am the  Owner and Creative Director of designer brand Manufactured Products(MP). I searched  for over a period of 2 years trying to find a manufacturer for my clothing brand that could make exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it made, with low minimum ordering quantity and a great price point. I cant even remember how I stumbled upon Zega Apparel manufacturing, but somehow I contacted a rep and we just built a good relationship over the phone first, the first conversation was about 30 min long.

What impressed me the most was the quick follow up they made. I was able to send images of designs and was given a quote within 48hrs after submitting my design, which was vital to me because I have to take the detailed info to my investors. It was definitely a grueling process frankly saying, as it was my first time working with a manufacturer that has an online presence and do all there operations online, and they were creating my product from scratch strictly thru pictures only ,  with written, and verbal communication. Once the sample was done I received pictures, and was not 100% satisfied, they went back to production to produce and other sample , and the 2nd sample was much greater and was exactly what I envisioned. I was also very skeptical about making the advance payment, but this is business and I know how the business works and they do had to purchase the fabric. The upfront money is to start and complete your order by purchasing fabric.  When I sent the down payment they started working, and once everything was complete, instead of wiring the money, I sent it thru paypal, which gave me some security. I paid a bit more transaction charge, but Zega Apparel ate the charge for me, which I thought was admirable. Once I received my order Through, I must say I was impressed with the finished product. They were of great quality and fit was very good. My embroidered logo was even solid. The joggers I ordered helped me take my brand to the next level and I look forward to doing business with them again soon. I’ve even referred a few business associates to them for production. They were very communicative throughout the process as I’ve spoken to and have gotten to know a few people from the Zega Apparel manufacturing operations. I cant speak for others, but my experience with Zega Apparel was good, and I plan to build our business relationship further as my brand continues to grow.”

Mr Damien Sheppard , Searched Zega Apparel from google and was very happy when he first talked to our Customer Service Rep , Mr Marvin nash . He was impressed by Zega Apparel Customer Service ability to understand all the technical details, we make sure at Zega Apparel that all the staff is trained and are the best in what they do. Much of the process is explained by the customer himself. The customer has till date referred 9 Brands to us.

Not every customer can write a review like he did, he himself is such a nice customer to deal with, intelligent and with great business sense, we at Zega Apparel wish him all the best of luck for his Clothing brand.

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