Customer : 13th May 2017

“ I received the Shirts today, I saw the quality of stitching and printing and everything is good, but the labeling done of 7 t-shirts is really bad, I know you asked me that heat transfer printed tags are free but they are getting off by just pulling them out. I can’t sell them unless the tags are good”

Zega Apparel response : 13th May 2017
“ I see , the pictures show a really bad picture with the label , I am not sure how this happened , let me talk to the production team and get back to you “

Our second response: 15th May 2017

We checked the extra shirts that we have here, You are right they are coming off to easily, it might be because of poor heat press use,  but no problem we can fix this for you. we are making these 7 t-shrits again for you, since its our mistake. You can keep those 7 shirts for promotion of your brand or anything that you feel fit. These 7 will be shipped out to you in next 3 days.

Customer Response:  15th May 2017

Wow , can you really do that .. awesome man , this is great, not at all what I expected.. Thank you .

Zega Apparel : 27rd May 2017

Did you receive the extra  7 t-shirts? We sent 8 in total , because we made extras just to be sure

Customer Response:

Yes Got them today .. They are excellent , thanks sheldon you are the man . excellent job, you know 63 out of 100 are already sold , and I am getting ready with my next order. Will email you in the coming week. Thanks again for your great assistance.

A wise man once said

Mistakes are done by humans, and we are humans, but how we correct our mistake is the biggest thing that determine our ability to move forward —

So we at Zega apparel believed that we had done a mistake , despite our 4 way quality review process we have failed to deliver on our 100% quality review guarantee. So we made it up for him and the customer was made sure to be 100% satisfied.  We also think of it as our sip of motivation to make customer leave a good review by giving him the wow feel .. Every month at Zega Apparel at least 7 customers reply us with a wow comment after they receive their shirts.

This Customer t-shirt went through all our quality review process, but because of poor heat press the labels were coming off after they were folded and packed, so we accepted our responsibility and replace the customer to win him for a long term business relationship

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