Review From one of our Coolest Customer.

“Zega Apparel is seriously the number one manufacturing company I would recommend to work with. The communication provided by Zega Apparel and its representative is very well and are very responsive. The clothing quality is amazing as well and I will be working with them in the future – Lisandro Cisneros(CEO of E****s Clothing)”

The Zega Apparel reviews from Mr. Lisandro were excellent. He provided his honest reviews on the phenomenal service that he received from Zega Apparel and spoke his heart out

Before commencing the description of Mr. Lisandro’s Journey throughout the process with Zega Apparel that resulted in this amazing quality review and testimonials, we would like to give you a little detail on him first, listed below:

  • Lisandro is one of the youngest entrepreneurs that Zega Apparel has worked with.
  • He is one of the most humble customer as stated by Mr. Murtuza Khan(Corporate Sales Manager for Zega Apparel)
  • His views on world peace are astonishing for everyone working at Zega Apparel.
  • Contrary to his age, his experience in business and planning for his clothing is phenomenal and is truly a long term business partner for Zega Apparel.

Mr. Lisandro initially inquired about custom athletic fit t-shirts that he was interested in. He had a detailed conversation with his Zega Apparel representative. Later he was eventually added up on WhatsApp because Zega Apparel wanted to dedicate as much time as possible in making his entrepreneurial start up a success and receive positive reviews.

After proper discussions with the Zega Apparel representative, he selected 50 Black Cotton T-Shirts. He added Black Screen Printing on it done with Matte Screen Printing ink, available exclusively through Zega Apparel.

Within 15 business days we created 3 samples (2 medium and 1XL) as per his requirement since he had a photo shoot to tend to for marketing purpose.

Upon receiving the sample from Zega Apparel, he shared his reviews and said he loved the printing but wanted the fabric to be a little thinner than what it was currently for bulk production.

Therefore, after receiving his reviews, we forwarded the response to Zega Apparel production team for bulk production process. Remaining production took 15 business days more since customer already gave his reviews and approval of the sample.

Once the products were completed and properly checked by the Zega Apparel Quality Assurance team, they were repackaged. As per standard Zega Apparel procedure, we sent customer notification on the bulk production completion. Upon which, he approved it for shipment after confirming his address.

Once the goods were received by the customer through DHL, we requested his feedback upon which he stated the above mentioned Zega Apparel review.

Business relationship between Mr. Lisandro and Zega Apparel is still ongoing as we manufacture the second batch of E****s Clothing collection and look forward for more positive reviews.

Customers can always add us up on Skype or email us to ask for email screenshots directly through customer representative’s inbox so they could properly see all the communication and Zega Apparel reviews from the customers.

The direct Zega Apparel reviews would help them in selecting the product they like and also increase their experience in ordering from Zega Apparel so the products they want to get manufactured can be exactly how they want it to be.

Note: When asking for this order, please tell the representative Job order summary number which is 1783s of Zega Apparel Reviews Online so he could show you details of this particular product.


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  1. This review is very much appreciable as the young fashion entrepreneur had coordinated with the manufacturer in a very professional and authentic way to start one of his own clothing business. As far as this particular private label manufacturer is concerned, they are really worth to be tried out, because of their helpful services and advises to a very good business guidance for the future needs.

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