Of what I though was a double jeopardy since reassuring mails from a manufacturer with whom I was
working for the first time wasn’t really a great idea of long running relationship. But all of that changed
pretty quickly when I received their sample along with the invoice for the bulk order which was there
message to me that they can start with my product line’s bulk production the moment I decided them to
give them a green signal. Which I did since it took me by surprise that the fabric used in the sample was
already heavy cotton and it couldn’t get any better than this. For four hundred grams per square meter
total 100% cotton, they were charging me literarily peanuts and I simply couldn’t agree any further. So,
bring it on, I said, after all the hoodies I was planning to make did require heavy cotton after all and if
they can make it this cheap then why not.
Great people to work with and wouldn’t mind listing all of my friends to their contact as well. Zega
Apparel, Bravo!

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  1. The quality of the clothing material is overall satisfactory. And the use of carefully structured dynamics on the design of the clothing is really up to the mark. The customer gets a good amount of service as well. The online ordering system is also of great quality service. For those customers wanting the clothing materials on bulk quantities, they are charging as normally every manufacturer should.

  2. Well i think this reviews show that customer John S very much satisfied about this apparel manufacturer, i really love to see these positive reviews any apparel industry.

    Keep sharing such good reviews

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