“Working with Zega Apparel was awesome. You guyz paid close attention to every detail and were very helpful. It took several times for the sample product to look like what I was envisioning, but you were extremely understanding, I would recommend for other brands to work with Zega Apparel and I can’t wait to work with you in the future.”

Mark Delisi was one of the recent business partners for Zega Apparel. The communication between Mr. Delisi and his representative from Zega Apparel went very smooth from the scratch as he was very understanding. Zega Apparel provided him with the best customer service that they could by sending multiple samples to eventually get the best positive reviews.

His order through Zega Apparel was for Black Hoodies and White T-Shirts, with embroidery on the back and screen printing on the front of the hoodies and embroidery on the left chest of the t-shirt.

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  1. This seems like a fair review considering the fact that many manufacturers often complain when
    changes are made from the client’s end since they will ask for extra charges to make the
    changes or simply try to drop out of the order entirely.

  2. I have my doubts when it comes to customer service because every other outlet is offering the
    same gizmos, while there are only a few which even understand the essence of a good customer

  3. White Custom T-shirts are no big deal nowadays, people can offer them online and get their
    choice of print for quite less these days. However Cut and sew apparel manufacturing even for a
    simple designed hoodies are a definite pain to deliver since lot of manufacturers offer a
    minimum quantity of at least a 500 pcs, this one offers only 50 , I am shocked. Even with a 500
    MOQ most manufactures turn out never seems to be good. I am happy you got them the way
    you wanted them.

  4. Working experience with ZegaApparel was really good, as the journey of starting a new clothing line business was difficult to manage initially. But due to the exemplary services provided by the customer service representatives was professional and well managed, and they took special care and attention towards the design’s complexity. They took care of everything, from keeping in view the design requirements, to applying them on the product and them distributing them through a vast network available both online and nationwide. The representatives had a very professional attitude and were really helpful right from the start. They provided with all the necessary assistance needed to get started on the main clothing business tactics. They also recommended some of the very famous fashion brands to take them as references and inspirations, to get an overall outlook on the available market architectures of fashion industry. The service provided by the representatives at ZegaApparel was very phenomenal.

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