Hello. My name is Matt and I am located in the USA. I own and run a small clothing label and was tired of just printing on standard blank t-shirts. With the re-launch of my brand I was looking to offer a quality product made exactly to my specifications from the type of fabric, to the way it was cut, down to the sizing of the product. I looked at several vendors which included Zega Apparel as well.

After all the research we chose to go with Zega Apparel because they were the best fit for us considering their communication. I got linked up with a great Sales Manager Murtuza who has been nothing but great on delivering great services and made sure we receive excellent product. We had a couple hiccups along the way, but you have to expect that when you are going for cut and sew, nothing major and they took care of it right away. I’ve been in the industry for 10+ years and Zega Apparel has delivered on every avenue for the past 3 years. If you have any doubts working with Zega Apparel you need to throw these doubts out the door. They will work with you every step of the process and provide you with updates. I even requested some quality pictures of the process to offer to my customers and they had them for me.


This Customer of Zega Apparel is one of the best his name is Matt Simard and we are highly obliged to receive such a review and recommendation for others, we the team of Zega Apparel had our experience of working with such a talented person first time since we started back in 2012. When we started out operations he not only gave us his orders but also gave us his experience of 10+ years, his contribution to our learning process are highly appreciated.

Now why Zega Apparel received this positive review from him recommending others, because we made sure he is listened to, many companies especially in the manufacturing industry don’t listen to what their customers is telling them and eventually lend them with negative reviews.

Whenever an experience customer likes him come and talk to us, we at Zega Apparel make sure we connect with him throughout the process and let him know every detail, because he can teach us into doing best things for others as well, and experience is the real deal.

We at Zega Apparel believe in mutual learning process, and during our years of operations we have not only made customers but many Friends who comes in to rescue us whenever any competitor try to malign our name by writing fake reviews. Talking is Simple and if a customer comes to us giving us logical reasons for anything bad, we accept full responsibility and even make orders again whenever deemed necessary .

Zega Apparel has been Manufacturing Apparel for past 14 Years and in 2012 we decided to make Zega Apparel a Brand and provide our services globally to all the brand owners , and give them a chance to enjoy cut and sew options with as minimum cost as possible with low moqs as low as 50 pcs per design.

Zega Apparel made sure that the Quality of Matts Order is reviewed on every single order, and he is given proper attention to whatever he is needing to be made. Zega Apparel 3 way Review Process of Quality has enabled us to make sure that we are on top of Quality for Small Orders, and that what we delivered.


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