Zega Apparel Manufacturing Capability

From custom clothing to the private labeling ZegaApparel is highly skilled. I wanted six hundred leggings to get manufactured but at first, I was not sure to whom I should give an order to. But then after visiting Zega, I was sure that these guys are capable to do what I want. I placed my order with them and after a while when I got my order shipped at my home, the quality really amazed me which was so good. Thank you for providing such great quality.

Zega Apparel Manufacturing Review

The day I came across Zega Apparel for getting customized clothing and talked to their senior sales representative Mr. Ahmer Khawar, I instantly decided to get my work done from them. I wanted three hundred cotton t-shirts with complete customization options. At first, they send me a single sample piece of what I wanted and then after my approval, they went for bulk production. I just received my t-shirts and they are perfectly manufactured. I highly recommend Zega Apparel If you want your apparel totally customized.

Zega Apparel Customer Service Review – John S. Holmes

Of what I though was a double jeopardy since reassuring mails from a manufacturer with whom I was
working for the first time wasn’t really a great idea of long running relationship. But all of that changed
pretty quickly when I received their sample along with the invoice for the bulk order which was there
message to me that they can start with my product line’s bulk production the moment I decided them to
give them a green signal. Which I did since it took me by surprise that the fabric used in the sample was
already heavy cotton and it couldn’t get any better than this. For four hundred grams per square meter
total 100% cotton, they were charging me literarily peanuts and I simply couldn’t agree any further. So,
bring it on, I said, after all the hoodies I was planning to make did require heavy cotton after all and if
they can make it this cheap then why not.
Great people to work with and wouldn’t mind listing all of my friends to their contact as well. Zega
Apparel, Bravo!

Zega Apparel Minimum Order Quantity – Kerry L. Taylor

Was running out of ideas to get my new designs ready for the summer outfit product line I wanted with
my own private label. Luckily, I found Zega Apparel listed on Alibaba, and that is where things took an
eventful turn. I was truly amazed regarding the flexibility they showed towards lowering their minimum
order quantity for me which is hard to get these days since majority of the manufacturers only want to
do business in bulk. However, their customer representatives were exceptionally well equipped to
understand each of design’s difficulty and the color pallets required to make it. However, they made it
possible for me realize my dream with their professional attitude and resourcefulness to solve my
High quality products with feasible pricing from them sealed the deal for me and I was sold for their
services. A definite recommendation from my side. Will be looking forward to do business with them in
the future.

Zega Apparel Manufacturing Review – Mr Ernest Wanger

We received the shirts , they are excellent quality , never expected this nice fabric for this price, I thought you guyz would be using some low grade fabric, but these shirts, I am loving them, But I only received 2 extra in medium but I still lack a large shirt from the total 100 , anyways, I am sending you details of my next order in few hours, we will be ordering 8 designs now, and we will be doing 200 of each , can you let me know the prices ? they will be similar to ones you already made.

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Zega Apparel Manufacturing Review – Damien Sheppard

My name is Damien Sheppard and I am the  Owner and Creative Director of designer brand Manufactured Products(MP). I searched  for over a period of 2 years trying to find a manufacturer for my clothing brand that could make exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it made, with low minimum ordering quantity and a great price point. I cant even remember how I stumbled upon Zega Apparel manufacturing, but somehow I contacted a rep and we just built a good relationship over the phone first, the first conversation was about 30 min long.

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Zega Apparel Manufacturing Review – Matt Simard

Hello. My name is Matt and I am located in the USA. I own and run a small clothing label and was tired of just printing on standard blank t-shirts. With the re-launch of my brand I was looking to offer a quality product made exactly to my specifications from the type of fabric, to the way it was cut, down to the sizing of the product. I looked at several vendors which included Zega Apparel as well.
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Zega Apparel Manufacturing Review – Bad Review made Good

Customer : 13th May 2017

“ I received the Shirts today, I saw the quality of stitching and printing and everything is good, but the labeling done of 7 t-shirts is really bad, I know you asked me that heat transfer printed tags are free but they are getting off by just pulling them out. I can’t sell them unless the tags are good”

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